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          Why You Choose Our Elastic Spike?

          May. 17, 2018

          Rail Spike China, also referred to as trail spike, is a sort of railroad fasteners that's employed from the railroad track.Railroad spike, also referred to as track spike, is one sort of railroad fasteners that is employed in the railroad track. What exactly are railroad spike made from? Basically, railroad spike are manufactured from those materials, such as Q235 carbon steel, 45# (GB standard) carbon steel, 40Cr steel, 35CrMoA steel and 20MnTiB etc. All railroad spike fix monitor in various manner. According to the various software, railroad spike has several forms such as dog spike, screw spike, elastic railroad spike and so forth. 

          Why you choose our Elastic Spike? Zhongbo is a Rail Spike Manufacturer who has more than 20 years' expertise in processing railroad spikes.

          Elastic Spike