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        1. Taicang Zhongbo Railway Fastening Co., Ltd.?
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          Technical Specifications of Tension Clamp

          Jun. 23, 2018

          As a Rail Fastening System Manufacturer in China, Zhongbo is exceptionally effective at producing elastic rail clips for any sort of toe load and axle load demands to repair steel railings on wooden, concrete or steel sleepers. We provide various kinds of Tension Clamp with dimension steel bar diameter in 12mm to 20mm. We manufacture various kinds of elastic rail clips, tension clamp using flat toe to get broad gauge line, acquiring the toe load out of 850kgf into 1100kgf, and therefore are capable of supplying any sort of toe load and axle load to repair the rails on wooden, concrete or steel sleeper.

          When spring metal deflection is 9.1mm, fatigue life is left up to 5 thousand cycles without breaking up.

          Tension Clamp