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        1. Taicang Zhongbo Railway Fastening Co., Ltd.
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          Why Choose Our Rail Fastener System?

          Jul. 02, 2019

          Railway Fastening System is a set of fastening system for fastening the rail to the sleeper. It is usually composed of anti-climbing device, iron pad, mounting seat, fasteners such as spikes, bolts, spring bars, etc. The most important consideration for the system as a rail fastener is safety. This safety is not compromised.

          Different Fastening Systems have been evolving with the development of railways. There are basically pad and spike fastener systems on the sleeper, E-type spring fastener system, gusset fastener system, SKL fastener system and so on.

          Railway Fastening System

          In addition to the individual components in the production of rail fastener systems, TAICANG ZHONGBO RAILWAY FASTENING also manufactures and offers a wide range of fastener systems, which is one of the strengths of our plant. As a Railway Fastening System Exporter, we not only manufacture these complete fastener systems for ordinary railway, subway and high-speed railway projects at home and abroad, but also design and provide the best solution for the fastener system for project owners!